Terra Cotta Restoration Portfolio

Terra cotta, both glazed and unglazed, is a very common decorative building material, used widely from its commercial introduction in the late 19th century until today. Originally marketed as a cost-effective alternative to hand-cut natural stone, it has evolved into a medium all its own. The following terra cotta restoration projects involved the use of repair as well as complete terra cotta replacement to provide the finished results. The restoration of terra cotta veneers often involves patching and repair of glazed decorative surfaces, using specialty patching mortars and coatings. Structural and surface damage can originate from moisture penetration behind the terra cotta units, so waterproofing and anchorage issues must be addressed as well.

Terra Cotta Restoration Services: Cleaning, Restoration & Preservation, Patching & Repair, Iron Spall (Iron Jacking), Resurface, Repoint, Custom Manufacture Molds, Custom Fabrication, Seismic Upgrades & Stabilization, Tiling

Security Lofts Building
Terra Cotta Patching
Jumpman LA Building
Terra Cotta Restoration
Hollywood American Legion Post 43
Glazed Terra Cotta Restoration
Nash Building
Terra Cotta Reproduction
180 Spring St.
Terra Cotta Replication and Repair
Title Guarantee Building
Glazed Terra Cotta Patching
Gardner Building, Ventura
Terra Cotta Repair
Van Nuys Building
Terra Cotta Preservation
Eastern Columbia Building
Glazed Terra Cotta Restoration and Repair
Million Dollar Building
Terra Cotta Replacement