The Old Stove Expert

Sara  the Stove Princess

I can help you research and sell your stove.  My antique stove expertise will save you time, energy and frustration and help you sell your stove. Put my antique-stove-specific research skills, old stove photo archive and industry connections to work for you! 

I myself do not buy or sell stoves. I am simply passionate about preserving antique stoves. I have more than 25 years of stove research and experience in the vintage stove industry. I specialize in American stoves manufactured between 1800 - 1940. 

I offer a variety of services depending your antique stove needs and interests. All services are completed within 7 days of payment. All services include a phone call to discuss the stove, review the evaluation, suggested strategy for selling the stove and to answer any outstanding questions. Antique stove services include: Appraisals, Independent Consults, Research, Sell a Stove

Let's find your old stove a new home today.